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Hunter Boutelle

Proud owner of Bluff Country Concrete.

I am Hunter Boutelle, the proud business owner of Bluff Country Concrete. My experience started with my career at E.C.I. as an apprentice. My position evolved to a superintendent role within my seven years. My time at E.C.I. gave me experience to work with people and project management, contracting work, and most importantly concrete work. I furthered my passion for concrete and started Bluff Country Concrete in 2017. We went from a one man show to running a full crew in 2020. I am extremely grateful this business gave me the opportunity to meet new people within my community and allowed me to build strong relationships.

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Bluff Country Concrete was founded in 2017. We are a small business located in Red Wing, Minnesota. We are passionate about our quality of work and our strong relationships with in our community.